our story

BASICS EQUESTRIAN was born out of a LOVE for all things horses. We know that equestrians are PASSIONATE about the sport. The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows, + everything in between. At BASICS EQUESTRIAN we are driven to SIMPLIFY your equestrian needs.

BASICS EQUESTRIAN started with one goal in mind | to design and create FUNCTIONAL horsewear, that is beautifully designed & does not compromise on QUALITY, at an AFFORDABLE price point. 

Welcome to the world of BASICS EQUESTRIAN, what's your story?


Founder + brand designer, Caroline Justus Hill, fell in love with horses at the young age of five when she sat on her neighbours horse for the first time! Growing up Caroline was fortunate to take weekly lessons which eventually led to part boarding + leasing some incredibly special horses.

Coming from a working class family made horseback riding a difficult hobby to financially obtain. After graduating from university Caroline quickly realized that there was a huge gap in the market for beautiful horsewear products at affordable price points. BASICS Equestrian started from the ground up + was truly born out of a desire to make at least one aspect of the sport more affordable + inclusive!

Caroline has big visions for BASICS + is excited to continue designing timeless horsewear products + connecting with so many amazing equestrians!



We are all united by our love for horses + equestrian sport. Horses bring out the very best in people by requiring us to be present + honest while teaching us the importance of trust + respect. The sport humbles us, challenges us, + requires dedication + commitment.

At BASICS EQUESTRIAN we believe that the same principles we learn from riding apply to our brand.

We are dedicated to simplifying your equestrian needs while building an inclusive brand that doesn’t compromise on its values.

our promises

provide you with affordable + functional horsewear products

continually source quality materials + products to fulfill your equestrian needs

create real relationships with our customers to understand your equestrian needs + what you are passionate about

build an inclusive community of equestrians to inspire each other + learn from one another

work closely with our manufacturing partners to build positive + long lasting relationships

reduce our environmental footprint by using recyclable + compostable packaging materials

support our local equine + animal rights communities


We love nature, animals + the environment. BASICS EQUESTRIAN is committed to doing our part to protect what we love. We are fortunate to participate in a sport where we can enjoy the great outdoors in the sun, rain, snow + everything in between. Let's work together to protect where we work + play!

All of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable thanks to our friends at Better Packaging Co.


FSC certified | decomposable | soy based ink


compostable | plant based | durable

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)